Professional Writer and Editor

Why Hire a Freelance Editor?

All editing leads to a more polished manuscript, but the answer depends on what your final goal is.

The point of writing is to get our stories out into the world, to entertain, to captivate, to teach. A developmental or line editor will help ensure your story is told clearly, fulfilling your desired goal.

A copyeditor helps you fit into the bookshelf by following the typical grammatical standards everyone expects in a book, and a proofreader cleans the manuscript to remove any typos that could make people discredit your work.

My goal is to help you get your novel on a bookshelf and look as professional as possible.

If you aren’t sure which editing stage your manuscript needs, contactme for a free consultation! I always love to help!


Keeping Prices Low

I strive for transparency and honesty. After years of working in the corporate world, I’ve cut my rates in half for you, the writer.

I want my abilities to be available to anyone taking their writing career seriously. If you can’t afford a full edit but have questions or would like advice based off a writing sample, my inbox is open to you.

I work out payment plans for tight budgets, so don’t hesitate to contactme!




Whether you need a proofread, copyedits, line edits, or developmental edits, I’ve got you covered. Check out my editing services page.


Designing the interior of a book can be intimidating, but a professional appearance is just as important as a good story. I can help!


Like my little dragon mascot? Need your initials turned into a logo to motivate you? Check out my low pricing for branding and graphics work.


Sometimes our ideas are bigger than we are, and we need help getting them out. Together, we can bring your enchanting story to life!