I hired Jennifer to edit the back cover blurb of my debut sci-fi fantasy novel. She was great with not only pointing out punctuation and grammatical errors but offered suggestions for word choice which helped the sentences flow better. She never told me I had to make any changes but offered her suggestions with explanations why and let me decide for myself. I also appreciated her pointing out what she loved about my writing as well as what needed improvement. It was fun working with Jennifer, and I look forward to other projects with her.

Michelle Winkler


Jenn went through my manuscript with a meticulous attention to detail that I found flawless. Whenever I finish a book I work hard to ensure there are no mistakes, and while I’d been over this book more times than I cared to think about, had it professionally critiqued and edited, Jenn just found a way to put an extra shine on it. I can proudly self publish this book knowing that everything has been done to eliminate any mistakes. It wasn’t just that however, that made this a must for me. Jenn went above and beyond to point out bits she liked, small developmental issues, and to do everything possible to make this book perfect. I am so proud of it and the work she put into it and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather trust with my work.

Eleanor Dawson

Jenn is the best! The perfect combination of professional and fun.

Her storytelling instincts provide valuable insight toward what does and doesn’t work in your novel. She has a keen eye for pacing and texture and understands the way plot, characters, and theme all need to intertwine. You will get quality feedback explaining how your book might not be conveying those aspects as effectively as it could. And she doesn’t miss a thing regarding grammar and sentence structure.

I can promise your novel will be in much better shape after trusting it to Jenn. I know mine is!

PJ Alexander

Jenn is absolutely fantastic! She was recommended to me through a mutual friend and I have to say that I count myself super lucky to have encountered such a talented and knowledgeable editor. Jenn is extremely professional and well-read in her field. She taught me numerous grammar and formatting nuances that I didn’t even know I was missing, plus she had eagle eyes when it came to typos. Her comments were clear, thoughtful, kind, and useful to the story. And best of all, she’s a lovely person to work with!

After such a terrific experience with her proofreading, I’m excited to hire her for other book-related services. If you’re looking for a quality editor, look no further. Jenn has you covered at every level.

Audrey Rivero