I’ve listed my typical prices for each type of edits. These prices can vary depending on the level of work.

During your sample edit, I’ll let you know if your work is ready for your requested edit and will provide a quote for the full edit.

If you have any questions about editing, typical costs, or anything I may not have covered, please contact me!

For technical or academic editing, please contact me for a consultation and pricing.


$0.0065 / Word

Recommended for works needing a quick review for typos, errors, inconsistencies, and formatting.

Pricing equivalent to $13/hour


$0.016 / Word

Recommended for works needing a thorough grammar check and infrequent line edits.

Jenn is most experienced in this area.

Pricing equivalent to $16/hour

Line Edits

$0.019 / Word

Recommended for works that could improve from style, voice, and/or flow advice. 

This is Jenn’s specialty and degree focus.

Pricing equivalent to $19/hour

Developmental Edits

$0.0065 / Word

Recommended for works needing further plot, scene, or arc adjustments.

This is Jenn’s weakest area and is priced to reflect that.

Pricing equivalent to $13/hour

Back Cover Edit/Critique

$25 Flat Rate

Recommended for indie/self-publishing to ensure your story catches the reader’s eye.

Includes full developmental critique, line edit, and final proofread of your back cover blurb.

Formatting services 

A professional product.

See more details on the Other Services page!

Available now!


Editing Packages And discounts

Packages and Discounts


Purchase a Developmental Edit and receive 15% off your choice of one Copyedit or Proofread within six months of Dev. Edit completion.

Does not require request prior to purchase.


Purchase a Line Edit and receive 50% off one Proofread, good for the lifetime of the manuscript.

Requires request prior to Line Edit purchase.

Customer Loyalty Coupon

If you are a returning customer and have purchased three separate edits from me, enjoy 10% off single service purchases!

No request necessary!


Don’t see a package that suits your needs? Contact me, and let’s see if we can work out the perfect plan for you!

Bonus Package

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? I’d be glad to consider other requests!

Check out the other services page for Formatting, Branding, and Ghostwriting rates.

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