Line editing requires the most skill and effort of the editing options I offer. Line editing takes the structure and formulaic strengths of copyediting and proofreading and combines them with the creative qualities required for developmental edits.

Line editing examines the flow, style, and voice at the sentence level and polishes the writer’s natural abilities to produce a captivating story. It helps create the professional, refined novel every author seeks.

I recommend line editing for the writer who can hook an agent with a query but can’t get past the request stage or for the writer wanting to self-publish with the highest quality possible.

This is my editing specialty, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Contact me for a free, 5-page sample edit to see if this option works for you!



$0.019 / word

My average line editing pace is 4 pages per hour, which equates to $19 per hour.

Payment plans are available.